Routefinder PLUS

Routefinder PLUS – the easy-to-use, full-featured browser-based transportation department solution that will revolutionize school transportation. Routefinder PLUS is Simply Smarter Routing.

Routefinder PLUS


The completely new routing and management solution from Transfinder is coming soon. 

Are you puzzled trying to find the solutions for all of your stakeholders and customers?  Transfinder has the missing piece!

Life, Routing, School Transportation Management will be changed forever!

Routefinder PLUS is Revolutionary, Innovative, Smart, Monumental.

  • Access anywhere with lightning-fast browser-based convenience
  • Faster, safer and smarter route creation
  • Intuitive design for easier operation
  • Greater control of maps for safer routes

Some Key Features in Routefinder PLUS:

Smart Routing uses your local knowledge to optimize your trips. Routefinder PLUS gives you capabilities to define custom maneuvers, travel regions and curb approaches – which all can be categorized as Travel Scenarios. Routefinder PLUS also incorporates prohibiting options at the student level, stop level and even at street level. 

Smart Assignment can prohibit students crossing streets and is assignable to the student level or in groups. If you are concerned about ensuring right-hand or curb-side pickups – the “Smart Assignment” feature in Routefinder PLUS is a necessity for your district.

Smart Optimization can help solve the driver shortage that you may be facing. Optimize routes to help with your driver shortage and increase efficiencies without sacrificing safety. Transfinder has moved past Optimization and have created “Smart Optimization”.

Routefinder PLUS is faster, safer and smarter – and it does not sacrifice safety!