• Routefinder Pro

    Routefinder Pro is a powerful yet easy-to-use computer-assisted transportation routing, scheduling, and planning solution.

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  • Infofinder le

    Infofinder le is a Web-based solution from Transfinder that leverages your investment in Routefinder Pro to communicate with all district personnel via your district’s intranet.

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  • Routefinder GO

    Routefinder GO is a app solution that puts your critical transportation data on students, vehicles, schools, staff, and trips and stops in the palm of your hand, in real-time.

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  • Viewfinder

    With Viewfinder you can easily monitor the day-to-day operations of your transportation department. Access updates on students, trips, field trips, vehicles, and staff to ensure your operation is running smoothly.

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  • Infofinder i

    Infofinder i is your transportation department’s link to the community. Infofinder i is a Web-based service that leverages your investment in Routefinder Pro to share information via your district’s website.

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  • Tripfinder

    Tripfinder is a solution solely designed for easily managing field trip requests, approvals, and allocations.

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  • GPS Connect

    GPS Connect enables you to integrate GPS data from multiple sources to view routes and stops in real-time to analyze actual versus planned routes and logistics and make necessary adjustments.

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  • Attendance Zone Planning

    With Attendance Zone Planning you can easily meet challenges associated with a redistricting plan by using Routefinder Pro to visualize, analyze, and manipulate demographic data and forecast future district enrollment.

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  • Servicefinder

    Servicefinder provides you with a comprehensive fleet management program for your vehicles, parts, inventory, and work orders that integrates with Routefinder Pro’s state-of-the-art routing software.

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  • Special Needs Transportation

    Manage your special needs transportation operations more effectively. The user-friendly solution enhances your planning power, information control and communication ability, resulting in a more efficient, safer and more reliable transportation operation.

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  • Comprehensive Software Implementation

    Transfinder offers new clients a comprehensive software implementation program that uses best practices gained from experience with thousands of successfull clients across the country for the implementation of their new software.

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  • Professional Services

    Transfinder’s Professional Services Consultants combine your team’s familiarity with your district’s unique geographic and demographic profile, and work cooperatively to ensure that solutions are realistic.

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  • Transfinder Corporate Brochure

    Transfinder is your partner in student transportation management, district-wide communications, GPS integration, fleet maintenance, and outreach to parents and the community.

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