Wooster City Schools, OH

Wooster City Schools, OH Discovers Efficiency and Cost Reductions with Routefinder Pro


In 2009, Kurt Miller, transportation coordinator for the district, switched from the district’s previous routing system to Transfinder’s Routefinder Pro routing solution. The previous system was not meeting the needs of the transportation department. The pickup and student locations were unreliable and routine tasks such as moving students or changing routes simply took up too much time.

Kurt needed a routing solution that was robust and capable of functioning as a centralized database that he and his secretary could rely on to look up information quickly and in moments could adjust routes and stops in response to day-to-day situations.


Kurt selected Routefinder Pro for its efficiency and cost effectiveness. In minutes Kurt could calculate precise mileage of his routes and accurate times for his stops, as well as see exactly which students needed transportation. In addition, he is able to maintain a wealth of student information in the database, including student photos, parent/guardian information, allergies and special circumstances, such as alternate sites.


  • Substitute drivers receive rosters prior to their trips with a list of students at each stop and photos alongside their names as well as essential information, such as who is authorized to receive the student, or route conditions a driver needs to know.
  • Hours of administrative time have been saved by using a reliable system that performs, so that Kurt may attend to additional district responsibilities. He also is able to respond to emergency re-routing.
  • The elementary schools were reduced from six to four with safety and efficiency considerations applied. Four “what-if” redistricting scenarios were created with walk and school zones adjusted. Options were submitted to the school board and then to the Department of Education for recommendations on the best ones for the district. Kurt was able to show the board and Department of Education exactly which students may be affected and the precise areas where adjustments were being made. They were able to make the best possible decision and the transition was smooth with minimal disruption.

District Profile

Wooster City Schools transportation department located in Wooster, Ohio serves a high school, middle school/high school, one middle school, 4 elementary schools, 3 pre-schools, and 2 parochial and a career center schools. The transportation department operates 25 buses on a daily basis and maintains 10 additional buses for back-up replacement. The district has 4,042 students and transports 2,506.