Lancaster County Public Schools, VA

Lancaster County Public Schools, VA Implements Bus Routing Software and Eliminates Two Routes.

Lancaster County Public Schools in Virginia saves $40,000.


Tim Guill of Lancaster County Public Schools in Virginia has been a Transfinder client since 2004. Tim stepped into a manually run operation where the same routes were run every year. After settling into his new position it became a top priority to evaluate the runs by assembling a true picture of how many students were actually riding on the buses and where the buses were going. Tim purchased Routefinder Pro to help him do this. 


He started as the sole user of Routefinder Pro, managing the transportation of 1,400 students, which was not an easy task. First on his agenda was the proper geocoding of the students’ locations, so he reached out to parents whose students had historically been riding the buses and asked them to send him their physical addresses. After working diligently to import current student addresses, Tim was able to begin to evaluate where he could make improvements in the previous routing schedule. 

Part of this process included acquiring current addresses of all students attending Lancaster County Public Schools, who were not routinely transported. In this way, Tim had complete data on every student imported into Routefinder Pro. This would enable him to do a thorough evaluation of all student locations to ensure that transportation was provided according to district policies. 

Through careful analysis of the data combined with the mapping visualization provided in Routefinder Pro, Tim was able to eliminate two routes and fill his buses to maximum capacity without reducing any service to the community or compromising the safe transport of students. In driver costs alone, the savings amounted to $40,000. 


With these cost savings in place, Tim was able to focus his attention on other needed resources for his fleet. As someone who relies on transportation management software to run his operation in the most efficient way, Tim has become an advocate of Transfinder. According to Tim, “Routefinder Pro is the first thing I turn on in the morning and the last thing I turn off at the end of the day”.