Deming Public Schools, NM

Efficiency, reliability and user friendly features are epitomize Transfinder's bus routing software.

Transfinder Proves Itself To Be An Irreplaceable Asset for Deming Public Schools 

July 8, 2009
120 Erie Boulevard

Schnectady, New York 12305 

To the Transfinder Team:

We have a motto here in our department…and that motto is …“Time is Money”. Due to your unrelenting support and outstanding product, Transfinder has helped us save money by utilizing our time better. This system offers countless features that our district has become accustomed to. Without it our district would not be as advanced as it is today. 

Efficiency, reliability and user friendly features are among the many reasons Transfinder is the epicenter of our department. With a touch of a button we can easily access numerous data fields, maps and reports. This ability has made it possible to provide valuable reports and maps to our contractors and bus drivers regarding student loads, congested areas and/or demographics necessary for 40th day counts which affect our districts funding. The local police and sheriff departments have turned to us for important information regarding sexual predators residing around schools and/or bus stops. Aside from that, a person with minimal technological skills can maneuver around Transfinder with ease and confidence. Should a person get stumped on how to work something…no problem! Simply make a phone call to the team of experts who are always ready, willing and able to assist us, no matter how big or small an issue. 

It was only a handful of years ago we had to resort to thumbing through atlases to find student addresses, and precious time was wasted wracking our brains to develop routes and schedule students on our buses. However, because of your dedication and the creation of this state of the art system those days are long gone. Transfinder has proven itself an irreplaceable asset to our department time and time again. For that, our hats are off to you! 


Ray Trejo
Director of Transportation
Deming Public School District
Deming, New Mexico